What are you saving for?

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Yesterday, my boyfriend and I found ourselves talking about our future plans, what Christmas will look like this year, what I plan to do after graduation, our goals, dreams, and aspirations.

As a result, I want to share with you the importance of knowing what you are working for, and saving for.

See, so many times people are just saving to save. Hoarding away their money, but for what? (And I am not denying that I catch myself being one of those people many times.) What is the point of saving, if all your money just sits in the bank account? Instead of such nonsense, KNOW what you are saving for. Write it down, remind yourself every day.

For me, I save so I can see the world. So I can travel. This holiday season, Austin and I would like to rent a cabin up in the mountains. So, some of our savings will go to that. Once graduation hits in May, going to Europe is part of the plan. What adventure are you saving up for? 

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If you are up for killing some time, check out what other people are saving up for on this Reddit forum. At the very least, you’ll get some laughs out of it. 

Having these goals in mind, will remind you why you save, why you work so hard, even when the exhaustion hits. It is about giving yourself some motivation to keep going, because we all know saving can get mundane and boring sometimes. 

Also, keep it in mind; there are little ways to save money without having to put away money in an account. Check these ideas out. Frugal Bastard also has some great ideas such as picking up money on the street. (Although, I don’t see that much money lying around the streets.)

Regardless of what way you are saving in, or what you are saving for:

“Think about why you want to save money and take every opportunity to remind yourself. Talk about it out loud. Write it down.”- Chloe Della Costa


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