Our personal budget:

When I first started to create a budget, it really helped to look online to use other bloggers tactics. I specially found Our Freaking Budget helpful, because they posted their personal finances. No shame in doing so, which I admire.

I will go ahead and adopt that idea, and share my budget with you for this month.

Budget for September:

Bills: $850

Gas: $200

Groceries: $250

Restaurants: $150

Savings: $200

Everything else: $300

Important things to note:

* Our bills include rent (which we currently have a sweet deal on), electric, phone, car insurance, internet, water, lawn, credit cards, and such set expenses.

*We had to budget a little extra on our groceries this month. We normally shop at Trader Joes, I am a big fan of Trader Joes. We can get a lot of organic food, for cheap. Way cheaper than Publix. Websites like Cheap Recipe BlogCarrots N Cake, and All You, are really helpful for helping budget your groceries. I will cover that in a later post.

* Our gas budget is pretty high, but between driving from our jobs and school, we drive quite a bit.

*Our everything else category covers anything that doesn’t fall into the other categories. For example, medicine because I was sick this month, or the bottle of wine we didn’t get during our groceries. This particular month, we made it with absolutely no left over money in that category. However, having categories and knowing we should stop spending was better than overspending money we did not have. Instead, we found cheap ways to have fun, which I will also cover in a later post.


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