My expensive, friendly, impulse decision.

One of the biggest financial decisions I have made in my short 21 years of life…

Can you guess?

She is a furry, has big brown eyes, licks me to death, and is my own little vacuum cleaner wherever I go.

Her name is Gypsy. She is the first dog I’ve had. At only six months old…she is my best friend. HOWEVER, I must admit when I first got her, it was an impulse decision. I came back from a trip, was feeling the “back to the real world blues” and decided to go get a puppy.

Yes, I now see my mistakes.

Although I do not regret that day by any means, I realize now what a responsibility dogs can be, and all the things we should take into consideration before going out to get one. They really are like children!

And they are EXPENSIVE. Money Under 30 has an article to help you decide if you can afford that furry friend.

Gypsy has cost us over a thousand dollars already. Most of this comes from things she has eaten that we had to replace. Among those things:

  • computer charges (3 of them)
  • phone chargers
  • carpet
  • shoes
  • undies

Here is a website that might give you an idea of what the annual care for a dog is.

And with that said, I present you Gypsy


Beautiful, isn’t she?

I would love to hear how expensive your furry best friend is. Comment below!


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