Emergency Fund

I am an advocate of living in the moment, not stressing too hard about the future, but like everything, there must be a happy medium.

What does this mean for my finances?

It means you should have a savings fund for any future emergencies. Because ya never know what life is going to throw at you. 

I thought about that this week, because our fridge broke! Saturday night, it stopped cooling. To our luck, we just bought a week worth of groceries the day before. 

By Sunday morning, I was tossing everything out, getting ahold of a refrigerator service, hoping the damage wouldn’t cost me too much.

WELP, the turnout was….$224. Moral of the story: it is nice to not have the world fall on your shoulders when an unexpected emergency occurs.

Here are some tips on how to begin saving an emergency fund

The way I did it, was pretty straight forward. I put away whatever I could every month, until I reached about $1,000 in emergency money. That number may be different for you. 


Your Budget Gal


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